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Deputy director

Baba Balaja's son Maharramli

    Baba Balaja's son Maharramli was born on March 2, 1974 in the village of Zangilan region, Sharifan in an intellectual family. He graduated from Azerbaijan Pedagogical State University faculty of philology in 1996 with honors. He was a member of the University Student Scientific Society during his high education years, as he studied with excellent marks he was awarded with the scholarship named after J.Jabbarli. In 1999 he graduated from postgraduate study (present-day doctorate) of ANAS Nasimi Institute of Linguistics.

    He has begun his scientific activity in ANAS since 1996. He worked as junior researcher, scientific researcher, senior researcher, leading researcher in different years of his activity. In 2000 when he was 26 years old, he defended with the dissertation material “Semantic differentiated common nouns in Turkish and Azerbaijani” in the Defense Council operating under Baku State University. Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of Azerbaijan Republic approved this work for a month and gave him the degree of PhD in philology. He had got the scientific name of docent. In 2015 he worked as senior research worker of Turkish languages department, since April 2015 he has been working as Deputy Director on the scientific work of Nasimi Institute of Linguistics of ANAS.

    His doctoral dissertation has been dedicated to the root words, their phonological structure, and the creative process in them and ancient protected nostratic roots in the Turkic languages. He is the author of 4 books (collectively) and a monograph, 100 scientific articles (20 of them were published abroad). He got certificate on “The Turkish Language” after graduating TOMER language course of Turkey Ministry of Education. His works have been published in Germany, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Bosnia, Georgia, USA, and in Italy. He was the participant of the prestigious international turkological conferences held in abroad. He represented Azerbaijan at a high level in Cyprus - in 2011, Veterans Magusada, Near East University, the "Turkish Conference", Turkey - In 2011, Mugla, Istanbul State University, the "Fourth World Language Turkish" conference in Ankara, the Turkish Language Society in 2012 conducted "VII. Turkish Language Congress "in Poland - Warsaw in 2012, the" Second International Conference on Turkish in " the University of Warsaw, in Georgia - in 2012, Tbilisi, “International Turkological Conference” held in Tbilisi State University named after Javakhashvili. His articles in abroad have been published in Russian, Turkish, Polish and English. He conducted lessons in 2009-2010, from the subject “Specialty Turkic languages” in Teachers' University. In 2010 a lesson program was published on the subject "Comparison of Turkic languages" in the same educational institution with the stamp of the Ministry of Education.

    He is the Expert of the Science Development Fund under the President of Azerbaijan Republic.

    Married, has got 2 children.



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