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Department of turkic languages

    In 60-70 years of the twentieth century turkology be regarded as the highest stage of development. Not surprisingly, to stimulate turkological researches and in order to bring up a generation of young Turkologists, in that period department and offices were opened at centers of higher education, irreplaceable sacred temple of science of the republic -Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences. In 1972, the department was created in the name of "The study of Turkic languages" and first head of the department was PhD. Vaqif Aslanov.

In the first few years to strengthen the department, to ensure its future activities, the task of creating human resources had fallen on him. At that time, the only PhD at the department was a prominent historian of language, Turkic-orientalist, Professor Mirza Rahimov. In those years, doctoral dissertations of chief of department Vagif Aslanov, a senior fellow Q.Vorosilin and a talented scientist, junior scientist Aydin Mammadov late to defend can be regarded as the first successful figures in the life of the department.

In those years, with the participation of the department Union turkological conference at the institute left an indelible mark on the lives of young people of the institutions. Shedding light on various problems of turkology at this conference, live talked to N.Z.Hacıyeva, B.Serebrennikov, E.Tenisev, E.Qrunina, A.N.Kononov, as prominent linguists N.Baskakov, listening to their scientific reports, of course, was of greater importance for the youth who have just stepped to science. At that conference, the linguists, as well as academic M.S.Shiraliyev, officials of the Department of Turkic Languages- Doctor of Philology M.S.Rahimov, V.I.Aslanov, Q.Vorosil and special distinguished talent A.Mammadov’s scientific reports were interesting for listeners. Training of personnel department was implemented through postgraduate study. In those years, taken post-graduate courses Mahabbat Mirzaliyeva, Mehman Musayev, Genghis Qarasarlı, Asker Guliyev, Adalet Tairzade, such as young people Ismayil Ismayilov played a role in securing of the future of the department.

The department staff increasing processes both quantitatively and quality was caused to long-term, multi-faceted scientific investigations. During the academic leadership of the department on a voluntary basis, director of the Institute M.S.Shiraliyev were a lot scientific investigations in the field of phonetics and grammar of Oguz group of Turkic languages and as a result interesting monographs were occurred such as "Phonetics of Oguz group of Turkic languages, " (author PhD. M.I.Yusifov) and "Comparative Grammar of Oguz group of Turkic languages" (Part II, Morphology). It was created creative atmosphere of the department, were held weekly science seminars, discussions of new publications during leadership of young branch manager, PhD Kamal Mehdi Abdullayev.

At that time, new theoretical and typological linguistics group was created in the department. Under the leadership of talented scientist PhD. AydınMammadov to this group were adopted educated, hard-working young people such as Etibar Guliyev, Ramadan Ahmed, Habib Zarbaliev. Later, the group has evolved into an independent department, but could not maintain its independence. In those years through the efforts of Kamal Abdullayev "Syntax of Oguz group of Turkic languages" work began to be written. At that time, edited by Kamal Abdullayev, "Comparative grammar of Oguz group of Turkic languages (part III, Syntax) was prepared for publication, and work after a long time in 2002, with financial and moral support of the rector of Baku Slavic University, honored scientist, corresponding member of ANAS, doctor of philological sciences, professor Kamal Abdullayev was published.

Later, the head of department PhD Abdurrahman Javadov remained loyal to tradition, has tried his best for the sake of growth of the department. Under his leadership "Dictionary of Oguz group of Turkic languages" is made of special interest and enthusiasm was completed. Scientific Council of the Institute decided to publish the work, but the decision was left unfulfilled. In 1989-2000 the head of the department was Doctor of philology science Hasan Karam Guliyev. In 2000, the first graduate student of the department of Turkic languages, worked in this department for 25 years, Mahabbet Mirzakhan Mirzaliyeva has been appointed as a director.

During 13 years, a myriad of scientific articles, 24 monographs have been published 15 post graduates were awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. At present, 10 people in the department are doctorant in doctors of sciences degree. In recent years 3 volumes were presented to the scientific community: a collective monograph "Turkish languages, historical and comparative lexicology issues", "The Turkish language phraseology" (2 volumes I volume M.M.Mirzaliyeva and II valume Q.C.Mahmudova) and "Investigations on the history of the Azerbaijani language" in 3 volumes by Vagif Aslanov are achievements of the department. Right now, talented and distinguished youth work in this department. We can proudly say that in recent years, as set forth in various positions PhD Elnara Aliyeva (scientific secretary of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences), PhD Shakar Orujova (BSU assistant professor), PhD Gulnara Aliyeva (BSU Azerbaijani science research center, senior researcher, associate professor), filufəlsəfə doctor Kazimov (senior research fellow of the newly created computer linguistics), PhD Mayıl Asgarov (head of the newly created Department of Sociolinguistics), PhD Aynel Mashadiyev (scientific secretary), Professor Mahabbat Mirzaliyeva are members of the department of Turkic languages.

Member of department, a serious scientific researcher conducted on Gagauz language lexics and successfully defended a thesis, representative of the Gagauz people Gullu (Valentina) Karanfil is currently running in Komrat. In order to continue this tradition new projects are preparing. The directions of the research of the department are preparation of Turkic languages’s comparative phonological, morphological and syntactic issues and their comparative-historical research. Head of the Department of Turkic languages is Doctor of philology science Mahabbat Mirzaliyeva.



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