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Department of terminology

   Straighten out the creation of a stable terminology of the Azerbaijani language, frame the situation in this area, to guide the terminology research carried out at schools and institutions of the republic, in 1952 "Regulation" was approved by Terminology Committee and for the creation of science, technology, economy and culture in various fields terminology specific scientific principles were identified, the method of preparation of glossaries has developed. In 1969, Institute of Literature and Linguistics of USSR Academy of Sciences chief of terminology was Mehmet Shamhal Gasimov.

In 1979, in the Institute of Linguistics was created Department of Terminology and Terminology Committee's work had been entrusted to it. Until 1988, at the Institute of Linguistics, Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences USSR head of the Department of Terminology was PhD, professor M.S.Qasımov. In 1988-1992 years the department was led by Professor Mubariz Yusifov.

In 1992, Department of Terminology merged with the Department of Dictionary, and until 2000 years department was led by Professor Ismail Oruch Mammadov. Since 2000, regained its independence operating Department of terminology to this day is headed by PhD, Professor Sayali Allahverdi Sadigova. S.A.Sadıqova also held the position vice president for many years of Terminology Commission in Presidium of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. She is currently a member of the Terminology Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan.

The main research directions of the Department of Terminology are linguistic issues of scientific and technical terminology, and preparation of bilingual and multilingual (explanatory) glossaries. For the implementation these tasks the training of highly qualified personnel is the main objective.



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