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A well-known scientist of the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of Turkic languages department, Doctor of Philology, Turkolog Mahabbat Mirzaliyeva on July 22, has died after a long illness. The management and staff of the Institute of Linguistics expressed their sorrow about the death of her and their deepest condolences to his family. Mahabbat Mirzaliyeva memories will live forever in our hearts. REST IN PEACE!

Mahabbat Mirzakhan Mirzaliyeva was born in Baku on 17 October 1949. In 1966, finishing secondary school No. 74 in Baku by a silver medal, entered the faculty of philology at Baku State University (before State University named after S.M.Kirov) In 1971 she graduated from the Philology faculty of the Baku State University. After completing her higher education in the academic years 1971-1972, she worked as a teacher tutor at Guba boarding school. While working she gained deep respect of students and teachers collective.

In 1972-1975 was a post-graduate student of National Academy of Sciences Institute of Linguistics of Department Comparative study of Turkic languages. In the years of 1975-1993, she reached from the position little scientific worker to senior scientific worker of the Institute Department of Turkic languages.

In 1976, she protected candidate work on the subject "Meaning of the verb and adjacent categories of Modern Azerbaijani language, in 1996, protected doctoral thesis on the subject "Theoretical Foundations of Phraseology of Turkic languages ". During 1993-1996, she worked as Policy Advisor at Department of Humanitarian of Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, in the years of 1996-2001 worked as the head of the department of humanities and social sciences Higher Attestation Commission under President of Azerbaijan Republic.

At the same time continued her academic activities in 1991-1993 worked as a teacher at Azerbaijan Engineering Institute, in 1996-2000 at Azerbaijan Pedagogical University of Foreign Languages. In 2002-2013 M.Mirzaliyeva worked as head of the department of Turkic languages in National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Linguistics. She played a major role of scientific and social activities in the department's staff. Under direct and indirect leadership of her 12 employees of the department gained PhD degree, and 1 employee gained doctor of philological sciences. M.Mirzaliyeva had a positive impact not only to the department where she led, but also graduate students to other departments.

Since 2002, she was the head of Linguistics at the School of the Institute; in 2002-2012 was a member of the Defense Council at Baku Slavic University. Since 2010, she was Scientific Secretary of Problem Council of the organization and coordination of scientific research, since 2012 she has been a member of the Institute of Linguistics at the Defense Council. From November 2013 to November 2014, she was a head of the Department of modern Azerbaijani language of Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi. From December 25, 2013 until April 23, 2015, she was acting Deputy Director of the Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi.

M.Mirzaliyeva covered employees of institute with any kind of care, and took an active part in solving their problems. She is an aouthor of 2 scientific monographs, 1 book of poetry, 80 research papers and theses, monographs, co-author of 4 collectively. She is an editor and reviewer for 20 scientific monographs, and in the years of 1998-2012 she has been editor in chief of "Researches" collection. This magazine is the result of hard work of M.Mirzaliyevanın covers all regions of the country, and here were published not only articles of scientific stream, but also young generation, in the same time played an important role in their recognition. She was always active in public life.

Thus, in 1972-1990 she headed the Komsomol and party organizations of the Institute of Linguistics, in the years of 1985-1990 a member of the party committee and the regional party committee of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, in the years of 1985-1993 she was People elected assessor at Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic. M.Mirzaliyeva actively participated in international symposia and conferences. October 22, 2014, "Predecessors and followers" the First International Symposium, co-organized by Institute of Linguistics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and Caucasus University was the result of her initiative and hard work.

It should be noted that at this conference, she has proven to be a worthy successor and predecessor model. Since April 2015 M.Mirzaliyeva, was appointed head of the Department of Turkic languages. As careful man, demanding leadership, selfless scientist she won the respect of institute's team. In 2005, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Academy, in 2009, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of her she was awarded the Order of Honor of National Academy of Sciences.




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