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Hotline - 012 538 06 37

   April 9, 2013, approved by Decree President Ilham Aliyev state Program "Azerbaijani language in accordance with the requirements of globalization on the use and development of linguistics" it is planned to establish a hot line for development of the Azerbaijani language as the state language, the protection of clean-architecture of the language, as well as the failure to comply with the norms of the literary language, advertising, public catering facilities, lexical and grammatical rules of the language in the prevention of violations, of ensure public participation and to take prompt action. Activities of "Hot Line" have been organized in 2 stages. As envisaged in the State Program in the first stages the main goal to attract population and community for the elimination of language shortcoming. People will be able to give information about mistakes on the streets, on television, in advertisements, on posters to "Hot line". "Hot line" of the Institute of Linguistics operates 24 hours continuously: "Citizens' questions, language-related comments are recorded written within 24 hours. We believe that "hot line" will contribute to the elimination of defects in Azerbaijani language. "



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