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Department of Azerbaijan dialectology

    Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Institute of Linguistics, Department of Azerbaijan Dialectology was established in 1945 - since the establishment of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

Thanks to the leadership of the Turkic world-renowned academic Mammadaga Shiraliyev, in 50-70-ies of the XX century renaissance took place in the field of dialectology in Azerbaijan linguistics, and considerable success has been achieved. Azerbaijan dialectologist as (Abdulla Valiyev, Bilal Ibrahimov, Kamil Ramazanov, Rasul Rustamov, Musa Islamov, T. Hamzayev leopard Tagiyev, Ziraddin Khasiyev, Zephi Behbudov, Rasim Karimov and others) about learning Azerbaijani language separate dialects and accents phonetic system, grammatical structure, lexical composition, monographic, lexicographical, geographical researches conducted, a lot of dialects work had published both collectively and individually. "Mugan group dialect and accents of the Azerbaijani language" (1955), "Nakhchivan Group dialects of Azerbaijan language" (1962), "The western group dialect and accents of the language" (1967), "Azerbaijani language Dialectological Dictionary" (1964), Musa Islamov "Nuha dialect of the Azerbaijani language" (1968), Mammadaga Shiraliyev "Baku dialect" (1957), R. Rustamov "Guba dialect" (1961), " Verb in the dialects and" (1965) and others.

It is no coincidence that during this period Dialectological school has been formed and Baku has become the center of Turkological. Academic M.Shiraliyev personal influence and thanks to the success of the dialectologist "Turkish languages, dialectology problems" all-union magazine’s publishing has been trusted by Department of Azerbaijan Dialectology. In the years of 1960-1966 this magazine has been published once every two years for 4 times. Since 1970, the "Sovetskaya tyurkoloqiya" magazine began to be published. Turkic linguistics field in the world and the first atlas of dialectological connected with the names of Azerbaijan dialectologist. So that was drawn up in 1958, "For the compilation of the Dialectological atlas of Azerbaijani language the material gathered in the program"(Baku, 1958), based on the 235 settlements in the eastern regions of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republics’ materials were collected and determined on the basis of isogloss by Shiraliyev authored by Musa Islamov, Rasim Kerimov, and T.Hamzayev consists of 50 maps "The Atlas of Dialects Eastern group of the Azerbaijani language" (1965) was developed. Upon successful completion of the first experimental study large-scale operations started, 409 residential units on the basis of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic was edited by M.Islamovun and M.Shiraliyev and consisting of 128 maps "The Atlas of Dialects of the Azerbaijani language" was drawn up in 1975, was published in 1990. In 1992-1997, Department of Azerbaijan Dialectology united with the Department of the Azerbaijani language, but research directions of these departments were different so working together failed. December 30, 1997, by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute the department began its function independently. Employees of the department and under the leadership of head of department Professor Musa Islamov (1997-2002-ies; M.Islamov from 1967 until 1989 headed the department) and head of department professor Ghazanfar Kazimov (2002-2013-years) Azerbaijan language’s dialects and accents began to explore not only in the borders of the republic and even from outside the country, also carried out research in Ethnolinguistic and have achieved publication of a lot of books: "Iraqi-Turkman dialect" (2004), "Derbent dialect of the Azerbaijani language" (2009), Muharram Mammadov, "Tabriz dialect of the Azerbaijani language " (2008), Ahmadali Aliyev "Meghri accents of the Azerbaijani language" (2003), "Dialectological Dictionary of the Azerbaijani language" (2 volumes, Ankara, 1999, 2003), Sefi Behbudov " Dictionary of homonym of accents Azerbaijani language " (2003), Ziraddin Khasiyev "Livestock and agricultural terms dictionary" (2000), "The Azerbaijani language western group of dialects and accents breeding terms" (2004), Güntekin Binnatova "Accents of Lerik region of Azerbaijani language " (2006), Kings Mammadov "Accents of Yardimli region of Azerbaijani language" (2007), Qudsiyyə Mammadova, "Language of I.Nasimi and the accents of Azerbaijani language" (2004), Shaukat Kerimov "Caravanserai and Chanbarak accents of the Azerbaijani language" (2004), Elman Mirzoyev "Terminology vocabulary of Lenkoran and Astara dialects in the Azerbaijani language " (2010), Nazakat Gaziyeva "Dialects role in shaping the norms of the literary language" (2003), Azerbaijan languages’ dialects dictionary "(2007) and others. 18 November 2013 Department of historical language again merged with Department of Azerbaijan Dialectology. However, the potential power of dialectologist and Dialectological research’s important to modern linguistics and continuity of the academic Mammadaga Shiraliyev, at the initiative of the leadership of institute in 1914, under the Department of the Azerbaijani language, history and dialectology Dialectological group was created. On the basis of the ideas put forward by the Academic Tofig Hajiyev a project - "The whole atlas of the Azerbaijan dialects" was launched. In 1914-1915 envisages elaboration the first part of the project, which is considered the "Atlas of Dialects of the language in Nakhchivan" by dialectologist (Ziraddin Khasiyev, Kifayet Imamguliyeva, Qudsiyyə Gambarova, Kubra Guliyeva, Muharram Mammadli) as a result of hard work in less than a year (from June 2014 to May 2015) was published. "Atlas" was prepared in 4 languages (English, Turkish, English and Russian languages; Turkish language was translated by professor Kubra Guliyeva, into English and Russians languages was translated by Professor Gulshan Akhundova). In addition, during this period, books such as "Azerbaijani language Nakhchivan Dialectological Atlas program" and "electronic atlas" and the voice of informer’s compact disc, "Nakhchivan Dialectological Dictionary of the Azerbaijani language", "Azerbaijani language accents of Nakhchivan", and “The dialects of Nakhchivan group in Azerbaijani language" have been prepared. In collaboration with NASA, Institute of Geography named after Hasan Aliyev and "Science and Education" publishing house completion of the project has led in a high level.

"The implementation of the provisions approved by President of Azerbaijan April 09, 2013, order No. 2837 "Azerbaijani language in accordance with the requirements of globalization and the use of the State Program on development of linguistics” pursuant to the Azerbaijani language, history and science of dialectology, it was necessary to investigate the broad aspects of the independent units. In this regard, the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan has made a decision on the establishment of the Department of dialectology (4 November 2015).

Now, Institute of Linguistics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Department of dialectology is an independent branch (3 February 2016). Main goals and objectives of branch employees (Kifayet Imamguliyev, Ziraddin Khasiyev, Kubra Guliyeva, Qudsiyyə Gambarova, Güntekin Binnatova, Sakina Sharifova, Natavan Agayeva) are to explore dialects and accents in accordance with modern requirements. Activities of the Department of dialectology include the preparation of the historical aspect of the study of dialects and accents, dialectological atlases of defining arena of historical and geographical of dialects providing incentives for future research and dialects reflecting the voice of the discs, e-books of dialects in accordance with modern requirements, preparation of different dialects dictionaries, investigations carried out in ethno linguistic on the basis of dialects and their monographic publication, development of the field terminology within the Institute, in general, level of the country and outside the country, PhD-level research, their monographic publication, and preparation of young, qualified scientific personnel.



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