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Department of Sociolinguistics and Language policy

  Department which had operated under the name "Department of Language relations" by November 2013, was established on the basis of the department of Iran and the Caucasus languages in 1989. In 1992-1997 it was combined with “Department of General Linguistics” and called “Department of General Linguistics and Language Connections” and operated under the guidance of academic A.Akhundov. Since 1998, “Department of Language relations” re-opened as an independent department and since then Eyvazova Roza Hussein was selected the head of the department. Since 2001, in order to carry out research on the ancient oriental languages was established Group of Ancient languages as part of the department. The group's employees have conducted researches on ancient languages in Sumerian, Elate, Cassia, Manna and so on, were engaged in translation of literature on ancient languages of Asia, have studied the languages of national minorities in the country. In 2013, as a result of the structural changes department started operating in the new function with a new name as “Department of Sociolinguistics and language policy”. The head of the department is PhD, associate professor Mayıl Binnat Asgarov. The research directions of the department are investigated sociolinguistics problems of the Azerbaijani society, learning language situation of the country and preparing proposals on language policy.



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