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Department of Applied Linguistics

    Since 2013, operating under the name of “Department of Applied linguistics” was created in 1945 and was established on the basis of lexicography. In 1945-1987 the department was led by honored scientist, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, Doctor of philological sciences prof. Aliheydar Orujov. Since 1989, the department is headed by doctor of philological sciences Ismail Mamedov.

Publishing a glossary of the Explanatory dictionary is an important event in our history of culture. In 1940-50 years started working efficiently resulted in the 4-volume edition of the dictionary during the years 1965-87.

In 1990 years on the basis of the first edition of the dictionary of explanatory glossary the new 3-volume "Explanatory Dictionary of the Azerbaijani language" (1997, 1999, 2000) have been prepared. "Russian-Azerbaijani dictionary", "Dictionary of Arabic and Persian words", "Dictionary of short abbreviations of the Azerbaijani language", "English-Persian book talk", "Explanatory Dictionary of Geography", "Explanatory Dictionary of the names of the person," and so on works can be considered as the achievements of the Department of Applied Linguistics. Compiling assortment dictionaries and preparation principles of dictionary of Azerbaijani language (explanatory, spelling, bilingual and multilingual translation, etymological, phraseology, orphophonic, etc.) compilation of bilingual and multilingual (explanatory) glossaries are the main research direction of the department. The main aim is to remove the weakness of human resources in this field as soon as possible.



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