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Linguist-orientalist - PhD in linguistics (Turkic languages and Theory of language - 2004). Associate Professor (2011). Highly educated.
Aynel Enver kyzy Meshadiyeva was born on July 28, 1977 in Baku.
In 1998 she graduated with a bachelor's degree with honors in the Department of Turkish Philology of the faculty of Oriental studies of Baku State University. In the same year she entered the magistracy of the same faculty and in 2000 she graduated with honors. After graduating from the magistracy she entered the postgraduate studies of the department of Turkic languages of the Institute of linguistics named after Nasimi of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.
A. E. Meshadiyeva completed a dissertation in 2003, before the expiration of the graduate study’s period. In 2004, she successfully defended her thesis on "The formal description of the law of harmony in Turkic languages". She has an undergraduate Honors degree (PhD) in Humanities majoring in Linguistics from the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.
A. E. Meshadiyeva is the author of 1 monograph entitled "Formal description of the law of harmony in the Turkic languages” (2008, Baku), co-author of the collec- tive books "The problems of historical-comparative lexicology of Turkic languages" (2 vol., 2008, Baku), "Selected problems of modern science" (part 4, October 31, 2011, Moscow, Publishing house "Pero"), and the author of over 70 scientific papers published in leading local and foreign governmental journals. 26 articles of A.E. Meshadiyeva are published abroad (Turkey, Iran Islam Republic, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Russia, London, Germany, Italy, India, and Palestine).
A.E. Meshadiyeva was the translator in conferences held in Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Northern Cyprus.
A. E. Meshadiyeva participated in various international and republican confe- rences.
From 2000 to 2008 A. E. Meshadiyeva lectured on the subjects of "Turkish language and literature" at the Department of Turkish Philology of faculty of Orien- tal studies in the Baku State University.
In 2011 A.E. Meshadiyeva received the title of Associate Professor.
Since 2013 A. E. Meshadiyeva is the Academic Secretary of the Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. The sphere of her scientific interests are problems of phonetic and morpho- logical system of the Turkic languages.
She is currently working on a doctoral thesis on "The comparative-historical study of non-personal forms of the verb in Turkic languages".



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