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“The new words and new meanings” dictionary

“The new words and new meanings” dictionary has been compiled in the Applied linguistics Department of the Nasimi Institute of Linguistics of ANAS. New words and terms used in science, technology, cosmetology and in different spheres of life have been included into the dictionary, published in recent days. The explanation of the new words have been given in the dictionary as well.
About 2000 new words have been included into the dictionary: “akvamədəniyyət, aqroturizm, alginat, alt-standart, anti-eyc, arqan, audiomultirum, avtokosmetika, baxil, bariatrik, batn, bəc, biogel, biolaminasiya, biometriya, biorevitalizasiya, bitboks, info-tur, taks-free, merçendayzinq, merçendayzer-ekspeditor, kibo, kaytbordinq, kartest, emoji, holovizion, mikrodermabraziya” and others.
One of the main features of the dictionary, that is giving the equivalent of some borrowings in Azerbaijani language. For example: “interfeys – üzgörüntü, внедорожник – yolsuzluq avtomobili, домофон – girişfon” and others.
“New words and new meanings” dictionary prepared by the Applied linguistics Department is a scientific work that meets all the requirements of lexicography. Editor-in-chief of the dictionary is head of the of Applied linguistics Department, professor Ismail Mammadli. Mass media employees and wide reader mass will be able to use a dictionary.



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