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XI International Congress of the Turkish Language

25-28-th of September 2016, in the capital of Hungary in Budapest by support and organization of the University of Bilkent named after I.Dogramanji, the Institute of Yunus Emre and the Fund of Turkey-Azerbaijan unity of friendship and collaboration have been held XI International Congress of the Turkish Language. In the congress about 130 scientists from Belgium, Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey have taken part.
Director of the Institute of Linguistics, Corresponding member of ANAS Mohsen Nagisoylu, deputy director for scientific affairs Baba Maharramly, senior scientific researcher of the Department of History of the Azerbaijani language Vahid Zahidogly, chief researcher of the Department of Sociolinguistics and language policy Roza Eyvazova have been participated in the congress. The employees of the Baku Slavic University Aygul Hajiyeva, Mahbuba Mammadova, Ikram Gasimov, Ziyafat Gasimova and the employee of the Academy of Management Iskender Iskenderov have been participated in this congress.

Chairman of the organization committee Rasim Ozyurek, director of the Institute of Yunus Emre in Hungary Yakup Gul, chairman of Fund of Turkey-Azerbaijan Unity of Friendship Enver Ghasanogly have spoken in the opening of the congress.
In the XI International Congress of the Turkish Language, reports on the terminology, history, etymology, phraseology, teaching, grammar, lexicography of Turkic languages have been read.

Mohsen Nagisoylu “Gulshani-Raz” of Shirazi as a valuable source of old Turkish, Baba Maharramly “Nostratic origin words in Turkic languages”, Vahid Zahidogly “On the utterance of Gazan Khan in the book of Dede Korkut”, Roza Eyvazova “The role of phraseologisms in mutual relations of language”, Mahbuba Mamedova “The influence of globalization into Azerbaijani language”, Jahangir Jahangirly “The international terminology in Azerbaijani and Turkish languages”, Gasimov Ikram “Factors influencing on the development of Azerbaijani language terminology in independence period”, Ziyafet Gasimova “Difficulties arising during the teaching of Turkish language in the Azerbaijan Universities”, Aygul Hajiyeva “Some problems in the learning of Turkish” have spoken on this subjects. Mohsen Nagisoylu and Roza Eyvazova have been elected the member of Science Council of the Congress.



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