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1 July 2016 at the Institute of Linguistics next meeting of the Scientific Council was held. The members of the Scientific Council for the first time have congratulated corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Mohsen Nagısoylunu for selected as director.

Then, associate professor M.Nagısoylu, and scientific secretary Aynel Mashadiyev gave information about issues on the agenda. The first issue on the agenda was conditions of the implementation of scientific research departments for 6 months given by chiefs of departments. Branch managers separately gave a report on the first 6 months of 2016. Reports were heard, and were discussed.

Then it was heard reports of employees with scientific expeditions. First, it was pointed out some interesting information about scientific missions of the head of the department of Azerbaijan dialectology PhD Kifayet Imamguliyeva, and Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Monitoring PhD Nazaket Gaziyeva. Changes in the composition of the Scientific Council were considered.

The new head of the Department of Monitoring Sevinj Aliyeva was elected a member of the Scientific Council. The selection of new editorial staff of “Works of the Institute of Linguistics" was performed on issue. Professor M.Nagısoylu was elected editor in chief of "Works of the Institute of Linguistics".

Elections were held on departments on a competitive basis. By voting head of the Department of dialectology Kifayet Imamquliyevaya approved her nomination by 22 votes in favor. Note that the announcements of the elections were published. It was made a decision on conferring the title of associate professor to senior scientific worker of the Department of Modern Azerbaijani language PhD Parviz Ismayilov.

PhD Shabnam Hasanli Garibova was nominated on a competitive basis to the position senior scientific worker of Department of Turkish language. S.Hasanli’s nomination was approved by 22 votes in favor. At the end of the current issues were discussed.

Press Service Head: docent Tarana Shukurlu



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