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Scientific seminar on the theme "Turkish words in etymological dictionary of Armenian language" by A.Hacaryan

Gafar Chaxmaxlı before his speech gave information about the scientific activity and biography of H.Acaryan. He said that H.Acaryan was born in shoemaker family in Istanbul. He came to the Caucasus in 1898, then started the scientific research. H.Acharyan took part in the Turkology meetings in Caucasus and numerous studies conducted over the words passed from Turkish into Armenian. Note that Acharyan doesn’t consider Caucasus as Armenian habitation.

In addition, he made a speech in the Turkish Language Congress in 1902 and the first Turkish Congress in 1926. In Moscow in 1902 by Lazzarev Institute his book "Words passed to Armenian language from the Turkish language" was published. Systematizing words used in Armenian language from Turkish languages compared them with Van, Karabakh and Nakhchivan dialects.

Opinion of Acaryan 4000 words passed into Armenian language from Turkish language. For example: acab- əcəb, acarə- tez, azadlama- azadlıq and so on. In conclusion, the author suggested the translation dictionary of Acaryan. The report of Professor G. Chaxmaxlı was listened with great interest by linguists, and discussions on the report were taken. It should be noted that this year will be opened a master's specialty "Ancient Armenian Language" at Institute of Linguistics of National Academy of Sciences.



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