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Order of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 90 th anniversary of the First Turkology Congress

The 90th anniversary of the First Turkology Congress marks in Baku, 2016.

Turkology Congress is one of the remarkable events that have laid the foundation for a new stage in the cultural integration of the Turkic peoples. At the Congress were adopted the problems representing great perspective decision value, which have become the object of discussions, developed the scientific and methodological principles of the transition to a new alphabet with the Latin alphabet. Exactly in Azerbaijan, the first among the Turkic-speaking republics started mass usage of the alphabet, which was the result of active struggle for the reform of the alphabet, which the progressive intelligentsia led here since the XIX century. But within a short time, the Soviet system of management prevented the consistent implementation all of this in various ways.

Towards the end of the XX century with the restoration of the Republic of Azerbaijan of its state independence was finally fixed the status of the Azerbaijani language as the official language and there was favorable circumstances for the successful implementation of the current conditions in the recommendations put forward in due time by Turkology Congress. After the third change, within one century was the transition to a new alphabet with the Latin alphabet, and undertaken important steps to address the crucial issues of socio-political life of the country, the history of the written culture of the people.

The period after the Congress onwards is marked by formation of new concepts in the field of researches on a Turkology, recognition of Azerbaijan as one of the influential centers of Turkological study and creation of a scientific-theoretical basis of cultural and spiritual unity of the Turkic people.

Governed by Clause 32 of Article 109 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I hereby resolve:

1. Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences jointly with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic Azerbaijan to prepare and implement a plan of events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the First Turkology Congress.

2. Cabinet of Ministers to solve issues arising from this Order.

Ilham Aliyev , President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, February 18, 2016



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